1½ pounds ground Beef, lean
2 TBSP canola or vegetable oil
1 TSP ground cumin
2 TBSP chili powder
1 TSP smoked paprika optional
1 cup cooking Onion, diced
2 TBSP each chopped/minced Garlic and Tomato paste
1 can each, red and black kidney beans (15oz or so)
1.5 cups Beef broth
1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
2 TBSP Tamari (or soy sauce)
1 can of 28oz crushed Tomatoes
3 bay leaves


1. Select SAUTE, then TEXTURE ADJUST so that the MORE indicator is lit, press START. After a few minutes, add the oil and swirl to cover the bottom of the liner.

2. Add the ground Beef to the pot and press down so it has firm contact to the bottom of the liner. After you get a bit of a crust, at least 5 minutes, break up the Beef with a spoon or spatula and continue cooking for another 10 minutes, until the Beef is well browned.

3. Remove the liner and tip out the excess fat into a small bowl (makes the chili greasy), then return the liner back to the cooker. Add the Onion and Garlic and cook for another 2 minutes, stirring often.

4. Add the chili powder, cumin and paprika, cooking for another few minutes. Add the Beef broth and using a wooden spoon or spatula, scrape the bottom of the pot until it is clean. Cook the Beef in the broth for 5 minutes to concentrate.

5. Add the Tomato paste, the various beans, Worcestershire and soy sauce, stir gently to combine. Add the bay leaves and crushed Tomatoes on top of the Meat.

6. Select MANUAL, then PRESSURE/TEMP, then press the “+” until all the Pressure lights are lit (80Kpa). Press COOK TIME, then “+” or “-“ and set for 15 minutes, then press START.

7. After the cooking cycle ends, allow for another 15 minutes of “natural release”, then press PRESSURE RELEASE to vent the remaining pressure.

8. Remove the lid, discard the bay leaves and check for seasoning.

9. If it is a bit wet or too watery, select SAUTE, then TEXTURE ADJUST so that the MORE indicator is lit, then press START and cook uncovered to thicken.


The chili freezes and reheats very well

Can also work a mixture of 1/2 ground veal to make it lighter

You can adjust your amount of chili powder to suit your “heat” preferences

A few drops of liquid smoke add a great layer of rich chili flavour