Sharff & Müeller is proud to present our 5-Ply Copper Core collection and signature Pressure Cooker.

Each piece in the Copper Core collection features a state-of-the–art, five-ply stainless-steel exterior and copper core. Copper core cookware is known for its great heat distribution; no wonder why it is acclaimed by professional chefs across the globe. Combining a stainless steel exterior, with the copper core layer, makes this cookware set a must-have for every in-home professional chef.

Pressure cooking has become the new trend lately; at Sharff&Mueller we worked very hard with Chef Mike to design our new Duopro Plus Electric Pressure Cooker, so you can enjoy using it to the max! You can cook up a storm in an instant, literally! Also we included a recipe book with great recipes, check’em out here!

Both the Copper Core collection and our signature Pressure Cooker combine elegance and functionality, making Sharff&Müeller a top choice of home and professional cooks who desire high-end cookware.